Readers Check Out This Book! It looks Amazing, A New Author TOO! 

The novel is around 140,000 words, and it takes place in an interrogation room in the heart of New York on June 14th, 1977, which is the day after Ted Bundy was apprehended the first time he escaped.  The main protagonist, “Carmine Ricci” requests for an FBI Agent, “Agent, Collin Berk”  to come down and talk about a Missing Person’s case that took place in Aug of 1969.

Agent Berk, records Carmine’s statement, and finds out much more that he anticipated. The whole time that the novel is read, a battery-operated radio plays rock songs in the background from that era such as:

Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, The Doors, Cream…To name a few, but there are 68 songs total. This book is very grim and raw, but dark and humurous. It is morbid, but it’s different. IT IS NOT about zombies, werewolfs, vampires, or werewolf-zombie-vampires! And, at the end of the book, I feel that it’s a jaw dropper of an ending.

As Carmine’s statement is recorded throughout the saga, Agent Berk will title the tape what the title of the book is. (So, in this novel, the title of the tape that is recorded on side A and B, will be (Bloodlines 1) I am currently working on (Bloodlines 2) now, which will be the next novel. There will be 5 in all.

The purpose of me writing this saga with the songs, is to hopefully see it on the big screen, or at least a Netflix series.

I can see a Quentin Tarentino and Martin Schorsese feel to it. Later on, it revolves around the mob as well. But, it’s got to get out there first.

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Thanks- “The Safety Guy”《—Pen Name


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