***He’s all rock and roll, she’s all fantasy***

by Suzzana C Ryan

Do you believe a person’s life is predestined? 
Jackson Taylor and his rock band Damage are in the middle of creating one of the greatest rock albums of all time, Blast. In walks beautiful Chelsey White to take the place of yet another fired agent. Jackson can’t fight the attraction, however fate has darkened his path, Jackson is dying. Chelsey is more than what she appears to be, she’s a muse, sent by the Gods to make sure the rocker completes Blast. For the beautiful muse, better known as Euterpe, there’s a price to pay. She falls in love with the arrogant rocker and it blindsides her. 

Blast will raise Jackson Taylor and Damage to worldwide stardom. However, fate will play its dark hand. Where will that leave Chelsey? Will the God’s call her home? Will she forever yearn for a love she can never have? Remember, destiny can’t be changed.

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