New Year, New You ! 

New Year, New You

Tragedy strikes in Vanessa’s life and she moves back to her childhood home to deal

with her families estate where she befriends her neighbor and begins to consider them

as family. When her neighbor’s brother comes to stay with them, Vanessa and Gabe

spark a friendship which quickly blossoms into a quick paced relationship. Soon after

learning that they both went through some incredibly hard experiences, unknowingly

they piece each other back together. As things between the two get steamy quickly,Gabe is faced with several job opportunities which could likely lead to him moving out of


The hesitation to think about the future, troubles Vanessa until Gabe reveals his

decision of a job placement. After Gabe makes his decision, Vanessa begins feeling

guilty and heads down a spiral of indecisive feelings until Gabe and his sister talk her

into seeing someone to deal with her past and present.

Does their sudden love last?

Or does her guilt pull them apart and break them back into the pieces they were both in

when they met?

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