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“What brings you to Camassia Cove, Mr. Roe?” 
“Aiden, please,” he responded, hanging his duffel over his shoulder. “I guess I’m here to start a war with my daughter. If you don’t have children, Ms. Nolan, consider yourself lucky—Ah, sorry, is it Mrs.?”
I pursed my lips, tickled, and added his information to the form. “Ms. And it’s Chloe.” I couldn’t help but slide him a quick smirk. “A bit too late for your warning, I fear. I have four boys.”
“Jesus,” he muttered. “Only one here, and she’s responsible for every gray hair.” Then he shook his head and sighed. “That’s a ridiculous lie. Isla is the light of my life, and she’s probably done more for me than I have for her.”
“Then I understand why you’re starting a war,” I teased. “There’s something seriously wrong with children who are a treat to have around.”
His mouth twisted up a fraction. “She’s a treat, all right. It’s possible a friend of mine thinks the same.” He gave me a pointed look that left nothing to be confused about. My lips formed a small “o.” He nodded. “Exactly. He lives around here somewhere. She was only supposed to come up for a weekend so he could help her with—I’m rambling.” For a second, he was frustrated with himself. I thought it was endearing. “What a spectacular first impression I make.”
I grinned and grabbed the key to his room, and then I rested my arms on the countertop. “You’re a worried father. That’s sweet.”
“Worried, homicidal—what’s the difference?” he said quietly, seemingly to himself.


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