Its Tuesday! Treat Yourself To One Of Eroticstorms Erotica Titles!! 

With 18 Titles which one will be yours? 

🔞These Books Are Intended For An Audience Of 18+! They Are Sexy, Erotica! 
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All Books Are Free On Kindle Unlimited! 
🍇#Katie #Holmes #Series
*A BDSM series, between an 18-year-old and her 36-year-old tutor. 
🍇Book 1, Carnal Submission
🍇Book 2, Covetous Indulgence
🍇Book 3, Lascivious Infatuation
🍇Book 4, Fervent Torment
🍇Book 5, Morning Glory
🍇#Adele #Series
*A BDSM story following the submission of a middle-aged woman to a male partner 10 years her junior
🍌Book 1, First Encounter
🍌Book 2, Collared
🍒#Enchanted #Series
*A sexual interlude that has modern day witchcraft added to the story
🍒Book 1, Seduced 

 🍒Book 2, Mated
🍒Book 3, (Final) Revenge
🍉#Tempestuous #Awakening #Series
*A story of cyber lovers who meet for a day and night of intense sex
🍉Book 1, Passion Unleashed
🍉Book 2, Passion Fulfilled
⚬#Sizzling #Lust (Bar-room Pickup)
⚬#Immoral #Gratification (In-Law Blackmail Story)
⚬#Submission (Dommie Story)
⚬#Extreme #Climaxes (Intense How-to Book)
⚬#Chosen #One (Erotica with a Fairy Tale twist)
⚬#Licentious #Rapture (3 Stories, 1 Book. 2nd person chats)
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