Make Me Yours.

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Make Me Yours by Charity Ferrell 

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Love sucks hard. 

Which is why I’ve sworn it off.

No men. No relationships. No sex.

Killing it with my career is my new orgasm. 

That’s my plan … until he walks through my door and takes the open position of being my new bodyguard. 

He’s callous but gentle. 

Dominating yet makes me feel safe.

He’s a small town boy. The opposite to my LA life. 

We shouldn’t be drawn to each other.


Stella Mendes is not my type. 

And being her bodyguard is the last job I want to take when I come home from my second deployment.

I sure as hell don’t want to live with her. 

I’m doing it as a favor for my brother while he takes care of his sick wife. 

I’m expecting a spoiled Hollywood princess when I walk through the door.

Damn, am I wrong. 

She has a smart mouth and a killer body. 

The perfect amount of sass to bring a man to his knees. 

And I’m that man falling.

�We promise to keep our distance, but there’s no stopping what’s happening behind closed doors. 

One of us is willing to risk it all. 

The other isn’t.


For a limited time, I’ve included Pop Rock as a bonus book as a release gift.


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