#Celtic inspired #Historical #Romance #Fantasy #Adventure

Multi Award Winning International Amazon Bestseller

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Come away mo chairdes on an epic romantic fantasy adventure to world of beauty and danger. Come to Gwenlais!

“One of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read. A fantasy world with no comparison” Amazon Reviewer
amazon.com/dp/B015IQ0LW2 amazon.co.uk/dp/B015IQ0LW2

amazon.ca/dp/B015IQ0LW2 amazon.com.au/dp/B015IQ0LW2

Can a reluctant Princess fulfill her destiny to heal the torn Kingdoms and the heart of a battle hardened warrior Prince? Join Laurel on an extraordinary journey of discovery, danger, wonder, and finding a love she only dared dream of. Come with her to find the truth of who she is, and those who will do anything to stop her from making the words of the Olden Scribes a reality. A love story that will leave you breathless and believing in the wonder of #Scottish and #Irish folklore and #fairytales.


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